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Setting Your Space

The burden of our daily tasks and activities can bring us into a state of anxiousness, stress, and uneasiness. Even if you are not in a busy office environment, the act of performing the tasks required of you as you go about your day, may cause you to feel overwhelmed. One way to combat this overwhelming feeling of stress is to create a physical environment of calm, tranquility, and peace. Fill this space with objects that remind you of a peaceful state of mind such as plants, scented candles or potpourri, and scenic images or pictures of those you love. Natural light is another element that may help open up a space and provide a feeling of happiness and well-being. Throw pillows, blankets, and decorative quilts can be used to help liven up a space and fill it with a pop of color, but they can also provide a sense of ease and comfort. What we touch, smell, and see in our day-to-day environments may impact the way we feel and think even after we leave that specific environment. When possible, provide yourself with a space that allows you to breathe, live, and exist (in)calmness, (in)love, and (in)comfort.