It’s safe to say that 2020 was a hard year, but that leaves us for plenty to hope for and work towards in 2021. We all had plans and goals that we put off just so we could get through the year, but here are a few things you should start doing in 2021 to make it your best year yet.

  1. Waking Up Early

I know not everyone is as much as an early bird as I am, but waking up early has tremendous benefits: You have more time to get stuff done, quiet time in a peaceful setting before you start your day, and getting up early will mean you’ll be more likely to go to bed and fall asleep at a reasonable hour. Having a regular sleep schedule can help you feel more focused, rested, and alert. By waking up early, you’ll give your body a jump on getting in bed on time and give your mind the rest it needs for peak performance throughout the day.

  1. Stressing Less

If 2020 taught us anything it’s taught us that life is short. Life is for laughter, love, and peace of mind, not stress. Even when the world around us starts looking like a trash can on fire, we have to find peace and center ourselves. There are just too many things that are out of our control to sweat the small stuff, so in 2021 we’re stressing less and appreciating more. If you’re looking for easy ways to center yourself during moments of stress, check our Instagram page every Monday for our Mindfulness Monday posts that will help you find your center and clear your head.

  1. Reading

Reading is an activity that can feed the mind and soul. It’s a way to escape the woes of our own lives by venturing into a world of someone else’s creation. Reading is also a great activity to do before bed. Reading can be soothing and is a great alternative to scrolling through your phone before bed, which can actually keep you awake.

Congrats! You’ve made it through a year unlike any other! This year was tough, to say the least, but you thrived under pressure, stayed safe, and picked up a hobby or two during quarantine. With such a rough year behind you, you deserve all the love and positivity that awaits you in 2021. Happy New Year and remember to move (in)gratitude, (in)style, and (in)care.