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Introducing the (UN)REAL Jean for unreal times

unbelievable comfort & undeniable holding power

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The Fashionable cousin of Athleisure

athglamour®—Comfort has finally met style

(IN)LARKIN creates a salon of culture, comfort and beauty.  Our clothing brand ends fashion conscious women's relentless search for versatile clothing that doesn't sacrifice comfort for beauty.


As Featured in British Vogue

"Visionary designer Mary Beth Larkin has an eye for major movements in fashion. Based in Santa Barbara, California, (IN)LARKIN® fuses comfort with glamour by defining a new market segment—athglamour®."


Royal Tuck Top


Sublime Pant



The wearability and the craftsmanship of this collection is impeccable. I’m a seamstress so I’m hard to impress, but the quality and the detail of my new Beauty Bomber Jacket are second to none.

Allison P.


Angie G.

In California, I wear faux fur because it’s all about fashion. In Vermont, I wear real fur to stay warm. But in the end, it’s all about fashion and the accessories in this line are just beautiful.

Izzy J.

Best Seller

The New Powersuit

The Sublime Pant meets the Beauty Bomber Jacket



I am thrilled with the the fit of the large pants, pencil skirt, and beauty bomber jacket. I always get intimidated trying new fashion brands because half the time the size large doesn’t fit. I was so pleasantly surprised by the generous fit of this line. The combo of ponte and satin is really great - it offers some structure to keep your shape, but also looks sleek!

Jill F.

I have been a devotee of Mary Beth Larkin for over a decade and I’m thrilled with this new collection. I love how all the colors in the collection work together. Her details are so pretty without being fussy. I’ve washed the pants and tank a couple times and they hold up really well.

Jen T.

I accompanied my adult daughter to one of the brand’s salon parties and it was so fun to watch everyone try on the clothes. It was all oohs and aahs. I bought my daughter the black skirt, black pants and black bomber jacket and it’s so fun to see her enjoy them. If you have a chance to host or attend a salon party, your friends are sure to have a good time.

Diane R.