The Designer

Mary Beth Larkin is a visionary designer with an eye for major movements in fashion. Early in her career she made glamour practical for Giorgio Armani. She went on to pioneer the ease and comfort of athleisure in her solo line debut, eMBe. Now she is the first to fuse glamour with the ease and flexibility of athleisure in a fashion advance she calls athglamour®. Her (IN)LARKIN® brand is exceptionally forward-looking and yet also draws inspiration from her customers.

visionary fashion designer, mary beth larkin, founder of inlarkin clothing brand

The Brand Story

There is a time in a woman’s life when she turns to comfort. She is confident, successful, and sophisticated. She is an urbanista but won’t suffer a dress that won’t let her sit. Or pants too painful to put on. Or fitted outfits that look good but never feel good.

athglamour® is for her. Redefining comfort and style with everyday casual glamour.

athglamour® is a new movement in fashion by designer Mary Beth Larkin that is the first to fuse form to function to fashion. Finally. The fashionable cousin of athleisure. Where style and comfort coexist.


By weaving in the comfort of athleisure to the tailored cuts of high fashion, women no longer have to sacrifice comfort for glamour. This is not attire you rush to take off. Or leave hanging in a closet. They are as comfortable as your favorite leggings or hoodie but leave you looking polished and refined. Each design delivers versatility with the ability to wear sneakers or stilettos with every timeless design and look equally as glamorous.


With the launch of Larkin’s innovative Style Stacks™ system, style is made simple, making the idea of a capsule wardrobe even more accessible and exciting. This system is designed to make getting dressed easy, leaving women empowered to live with no boundaries, embracing their unique style and effortlessly expressing themselves. By combining existing pieces from previous collections with new styles from the latest releases, Style Stacks™ ensures the wardrobe grows with the wearer, allowing women to be comfortable, feel beautiful, and live fully.


(IN)LARKIN® is more than just a fashion brand; it is a movement towards sustainable practices in the clothing industry. With a commitment to slow fashion, (IN)LARKIN® strives to eliminate unnecessary waste and promote mindful consumption. By focusing on creating high-quality, timeless pieces that are made to last, (IN)LARKIN® aims to reduce the environmental impact of the fashion industry and pave the way for a more sustainable future.