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(IN)LARKIN® Unveils Secret to Success: Customer Inclusion

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SANTA YNEZ, August 3, 2023  - As an up-and-coming name in boutique luxury fashion, (IN)LARKIN® proudly unveils their secret to success: customer inclusion. By embracing the desires and diverse needs of their customer base, (IN)LARKIN® has revolutionized the fashion industry, creating inclusive styles designed with the wearer in mind.

The (IN)LARKIN® philosophy of inclusivity drives their commitment to creating exceptional experiences that cater to the unique preferences of their fashion-forward clientele. Through customer-centric initiatives such as personalized styling consultations, (IN)LARKIN® has established an intimate connection with their customers. By incorporating their feedback, preferences, and requests into the design process, designer Mary Beth Larkin ensures that each piece meets the wearer’s needs, exuding the perfect blend of comfort and glamour to make women feel empowered and confident. One such request was to expand the size range, which the brand happily obliged with new summer styles ranging in size from XS-XL.

"Our customers are our inspiration and the driving force behind everything we do at (IN)LARKIN®," says Larkin, designer and namesake of the brand. "We are thrilled to share our secret to success, which lies in embracing customer inclusion. By actively engaging with our customers, listening to their desires, and involving them in our design processes, we have been able to create a versatile blend of timeless designs that resonate with their unique lifestyles. For example, one of the requests was to expand the size range, so we now offer our newer styles in sizes XS-XL. Additionally, we have modified designs for our petite customers, catering to their requests in upcoming collections."

Understanding that her customer base desires both comfort and style, Larkin has pioneered a new market segment known as athglamour®, a fashion advance that bridges the gap between athleisure and high fashion. This innovative concept allows women to confidently express their individuality through a curated wardrobe, embracing a lifestyle without the boundaries of uncomfortable clothing while still looking effortlessly chic.

Larkin's commitment to customer inclusion is evident in the thoughtful design features incorporated into her collections. Recognizing the importance of functionality, Larkin has added on-seam pockets to many of her designs, providing practicality without compromising style, allowing customers to carry their essentials effortlessly. Larkin has also begun to offer cover-ups and other designs with sleeves, catering to customers who prefer to cover their arms. Unique plays on directional stripes and bias cuts are featured in many of her designs, which flatter various body types by accentuating curves, elongating the frame, and enhancing the overall figure. Additionally, Larkin takes care to offer a range of designs that are cut to flatter women’s bodies throughout the aging process.

Diversity and inclusivity extend beyond the figure-flattering and confidence-boosting design features at (IN)LARKIN®. The brand recognizes that women possess a wide range of skin tones and complexions. Thus, each design is available in multiple colors, an approach that ensures that every customer can find a shade that works for their unique palette.

Looking ahead, (IN)LARKIN® remains committed to pushing the boundaries of fashion and elevating the customer experience to new heights. By continuously listening to their customers and embracing their desires, (IN)LARKIN® is poised to redefine the luxury fashion industry, setting new standards for comfort, style, and individual expression.



(IN)LARKIN® is a premier destination for luxury designer women's clothing, redefining comfort and style with everyday casual glamour. Their innovative athglamour® styles blend the comfort of athleisure with the tailored cuts of high fashion, allowing women to express their individuality effortlessly. With a strong focus on customer inclusion, (IN)LARKIN® creates exceptional experiences that cater to the unique preferences of their fashion-forward clientele. For more information, visit

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