The (IN)LARKIN® woman lives an active lifestyle. She has quite the life in Santa Barbara. She works hard but enjoys that work/play balance. She loves to be glamorous, but she isn’t willing to sacrifice comfort for a good outfit. That’s where we come in. The Locals’ Collective has been so successful for (IN)LARKIN®, and our Best Sellers are flying off the racks. We’ve pinpointed the seven styles our customers love the most and created a how-to guide on wearing them throughout the week.



Monday: Winged Tunic & Aliferous Shirt Dress

As the COVID-19 pandemic comes to a close, companies again require their employees to come in for what they deem ‘important’ meetings. For a Monday morning work meeting, don’t pull out the business clothes that have been stuffed in the back of your closet for the last year. Dress in athglamour® for a comfortable and stylish look. Our Winged Tunic layered with the Aliferous Shirt Dress is a great way to look put together without the extra hassle of building an outfit. After a ridiculous long meeting that, let’s face it, could’ve easily been in an email, you are headed out to happy hour drinks with your coworkers and then dinner with your husband. Simply take off the Aliferous Shirt Dress layer and rock the Winged Tunic as a dress. With an asymmetrical sleeve and angled side seams, this tunic is sure to be extra flattering. You could also leave your outfit the way it is for an extra layer against the afternoon breeze. Make sure you stick with a cute pair of flats since you may be walking from place to place throughout the day. Unless you’re a heels lady, then strut as you wish.



Tuesday: Mariposa Dress & Flight Shirt

Thank goodness it’s Tuesday and you get to work from home. You also have to run a couple of errands today, like the post office and the grocery store, so you’ll want to wear something that will look great for your Zoom call, but comfortable enough to run around town a bit. Our Mariposa Dress is constructed of a wonderful body conscious and stretchy fabric to allow you to not only sit but move freely. You can throw the Flight Shirt over the top for the meeting and tie it up under your bust. Your coworkers will never know how comfortable your outfit is because it looks that good! On the way to the grocery store you may decide to lose the Flight shirt so you can catch some sun on those shoulders. The best part? The Mariposa Dress is the perfect length for grabbing your groceries from the lower shelves without worrying about your dress riding up. The fabric also has amazing recovery, so when you bend and get up you look as good as new. You may question wearing a dress to the grocery store but trust us on this…it’s that comfortable and PLEASE let's bring back the glamour! No shoes are needed for your Zoom call unless you feel a little naked without, but cute flats or your favorite athleisure sneakers are perfect for today’s afternoon activities and this brings the 'ath' to our glamour!



Wednesday: Flight Shirt & (UN)REAL Jean

This week, Wednesday is your self-proclaimed “mental health day” and you aren’t logging into work today. Instead, you are heading to brunch with a few of your girlfriends at Goat Tree, located inside the Hotel Californian in the heart of Lower State Street. We are ordering the infamous Shakshuka and of course a mimosa or two. After brunch you and the girls decided to walk down State Street and stop into the hundreds of shops located on this strip. Since you are walking, you’ll want to wear the most comfortable pair of jeans you’ve ever owned, the (UN)REAL Jean. Remember that delicious brunch you had this morning? You’ll be thankful you’re in these jeans because they not only have exceptional holding power, but they grow with you if need be because…well, mimosas. The (UN)REAL Jean will also never bag out, which will help you as you spend hours popping in and out of shops. Pair these jeans with the Flight Shirt from yesterday for when you’re trying on all the gorgeous clothes these local businesses have for sale. Since this blouse buttons down the front, there’s no worry about messing up your hair through all the on and off. Pair this denim outfit with your cutest pair of sneakers for painless all-day walking. Make sure you stop by the Locals Collective to purchase the other (IN)LARKIN® best sellers you’ll need for the rest of this week’s outfits. 


Thursday: Mariposa Dress & MOBO Beauty Bomber

It’s back to work today but from your home office. The Mariposa Dress is foolproof for a day full of Zoom calls, so why not go ahead and throw it on again? These meetings may be with a few of the same people as Tuesday depending on what company you work for, so pair it with the MOBO Beauty Bomber today for a slightly different look. If your significant other likes to keep the house cool, the extra layer of the bomber will help keep the chill out. The MOBO Beauty Bomber was a best seller last season, so it’s no surprise that it made the list this season, it is our all time BEST SELLER. With all of its updates and three colorway options, the bomber will become a staple piece throughout your summer weeks and well into fall and year round if you are a California girl. Good news! Bare feet reign today since there’s no reason to leave the house. If you have to pop out for a bit, slide on some mules and hit the road.


Friday: Mariposa Dress & Aliferous Shirt Dress

Another WFH day means another day in the Mariposa Dress. Did we mention this piece is a favorite? The machine washable aspect makes it easy to toss in the laundry throughout the week so it’s fresh and ready to go when you need it again. If you’re really wanting to support the athglamour® revolution, purchase this dress in both Perry and Black. Less washing and more outfit options for you, so it’s a win-win situation. For yet another way to wear it, throw on the Aliferous Shirt Dress and button it up all the way. The structured collar and button cuffs will have your coworkers thinking you’re dressed in some stuffy business button-up from the local department store. They will never think you’re wearing two of the most comfortable dresses you’ve ever put on but look all inclusive worn together. After the workday is done, your significant other is taking you to sunset drinks at the Miramar for your bi-weekly date night. The Mariposa Dress you’ve had on all day is great for a nice dinner and wearing the Aliferous Shirt Dress layered on top and open is the perfect extra touch of glam. Plus, you can button it up if you splurge on just a little too much cacio e pepe. Now is a great chance to break out the gorgeous heels that sit in your closet most days. You could also add the Infinity Belt or one of our exclusive hats for even more glam.


Saturday: Glasswing Shell & (UN)REAL Jean

You live right on the California coast, so it’s only right that a beach trip is included in your weekly life. Last week you hit Tucker’s Grove with your pooch, so you’re tackling the best known off-leash spot in Santa Barbara today, Arroyo Burro Beach ParkSome sand and the Pacific Ocean for you and lots of area to roam for your pup. Remember how all of (IN)LARKIN®’s pieces are machine washable? This means you can toss your possibly sandy clothes in the washing machine when you get home from this excursion. Throw on your favorite pair of denim, the (UN)REAL Jean and pair it with a the Glasswing Shell. The ankle length of the jean should keep the hem out of the sand so you can walk along and enjoy the gorgeous Saturday weather. Obviously, an outfit change is in order for this afternoon, as you are heading to a winery with some of your favorite couples. Toss those beach clothes into the washer and after a warm shower, pull out the Winged Tunic and the MOBO Beauty Bomber. You’ve done a ton of wine tastings around the city, so you’re headed to a favorite in the group, Melville Winery in downtown Santa Barbara. Since it’s just a wine tasting room with a seated option, you can break out those heels again and drink the estate vintage special. 


Sunday: Aliferous Shirt Dress, Glasswing Shell, & (UN)REAL Jean

It’s the final day of the weekend and Sunday scares are setting in, so you are taking this day to relax and rejuvenate from a busy week. Fortunately, athglamour® is so comfortable that you can rock it while you’re hanging around the house. Since everything is washed from your beach trip yesterday, you are throwing on the (UN)REAL Jean and Glasswing Shell for the second day in a row. You already know how comfortable the (UN)REAL Jean is, but the Glasswing Shell is equally as comfortable. It’s one of (IN)LARKIN® designer and founder, Mary Beth Larkin’s favorites because of the inspiration behind it. This shell includes a transparent underlayer that is representative of the beautiful Glasswing Butterfly, a raw hem that will fray minimally over time because of the stay stitch, and a free-flowing fit that encompasses every casual feature you could want. The ultimate relaxing piece for a relaxing Sunday.


Now that we’ve shown you how to wear each of our 7 best sellers, you’re ready to take on your week. Is your closet missing any of these athglamour® styles? Don’t wait any longer to buy these seven best sellers because they’re going quickly. Only a few of our favorite pieces remain and we’d hate for you to miss out on these comfortable and stylish pieces. Those local to the Santa Barbara area can stop by the Locals' Collective on State Street to shop our pop-up (IN)PERSON, and our wonderful out of town customers can shop our online store at or through our Instagram @iaminlarkin.