Shopping for clothes can be intimidating, especially when you’re shopping for jeans. Every brand has different sizing, different styles, and different fabrics that may or may not complement your unique shape. Finding that perfect denim fit can be daunting. As women, our bodies change daily. Your period, eating a heavy meal, or any other weight fluctuations directly impact your comfort level and overall experience while wearing a pair of jeans. Sure, you can have a different pair of jeans for eating, when you’re on your period, and for weight fluctuations, but who wants to go through all of that trouble and expense? Why spend your Saturday shopping for multiple pairs of jeans to cover every possible scenario when you can buy just one pair that fits perfectly?

(IN)LARKIN’s got you covered with their latest arrival, the (UN)REAL Jean. Notably, this jean gently molds to your unique shape, gives your butt an immediate lift, and makes you feel stylish and sexy, all in one. The world is currently going through an unprecedented amount of change, which means our bodies, depending on our circumstance, will likely change, too. Treat yourself to a pair of jeans that has the ability to change with your body and frame your unique shape. (IN)LARKIN’s fabulously (UN)REAL jeans are unbelievably comfortable and have an undeniable amount of holding power that keeps you and your curves in place without feeling stuffed, restricted, or suffocated. (IN)LARKIN’s wide range of sizes, from size 25-34, ensures a perfect fit for any shape. Unbelievable comfort awaits.