Every body type is beautiful, and the idea that clothes fit differently depending on your shape is one of the unique aspects of the fashion industry. What you decide to wear is primarily based on your style, but it should also be based on what flatters your body shape. Although nobody will look the same, you can consider yourself one of the five main body types: pear, inverted triangle, rectangle, hourglass, and diamond.

Finding Your Body Shape

Your shape is dependent on both your measurements and your physical appearance. However, it’s important to remember that similar shapes come in various sizes. For example, both a size 2 and a size 20 can be hourglass-shaped if their measurements fit that mold. 

To find your body shape, you should measure your bust, waist, high-hip, and hip and compare those measurements to body shape charts. You can also use an online body calculator, such as this one

Pear Shape

A pear shape defines a higher waist, wider hips, and a slimmer bust and shoulder. Many women with pear-shaped bodies will also have shorter legs and fuller thighs. Pear-shaped can be athletic, curvy, or thin depending on genetics, activity level, and overall weight distribution. 

As a pear-shaped woman, your style goal is to minimize your hips and add balance to your upper half. Sticking to darker, more uncomplicated silhouettes on the bottom will elongate and slim down your bottom half. Prints, decorative sleeves, and structured shoulders can add extra balance to your pear shape for the upper half. A good-fitting bra, potentially with extra padding and a push-up feature, can add volume to your upper half and balance out your body before getting to the outfit. You can also add a blazer or belt close to your natural waist to define your waist better and balance your heavier bottom. 
Best (IN)LARKIN styles for pear shapes: Flight Shirt, Smokin' Blazer

Inverted Triangle 

Inverted triangles are the opposite of pear shapes and is characterized by more prominent shoulders and bust and smaller hips and thighs. Women with these bodies often look very athletic and struggle to dress their broad shoulders. The opposite of the pear shape, your style goal is an inverted triangle shape to minimize your shoulders and bust while adding volume to your hips. Darker, more uncomplicated silhouettes for your top coupled with printed and colorful bottoms can give your body balance. You can also rely on asymmetrical tops and tanks with thicker straps, trousers with flared and wider legs, and dresses that flare out at the hip. 
Best (IN)LARKIN styles for inverted triangle shapes: Variegated Tank, Wingspan Dress

Rectangle Shape 

The rectangular-shaped woman is equal bust, waist, and hip measurements. These body types typically lack curves and a defined waist. The style goal of a rectangle shape is to add definition to both your top and bottom and define your natural waist to give you shape. Many rectangle shapes can be transformed by simply bringing in the natural waist and breaking up the rectangle. Use belts or garments with defined waistlines and avoid shapeless or oversized clothing. You can wear colorful, unique, and embellished tops and bottoms, such as full sleeves, structured long coats and jackets, and a-line skirts. 
Best (IN)LARKIN styles for rectangle shapes: Boy Blazer, Fly Skirt

Hourglass Shape

Hourglass shapes are the most seemingly sought after, categorized by evenly sized bust and hips and a defined waist. You may also have fuller thighs, a round butt, and slightly rounded shoulders. The style goal of an hourglass shape is to highlight the already defined waist and keep the natural balance of the hips and bust. Stick to clothing that either has a predefined waist or one that you can add a belt or cinch to follow the natural curve line of the body. Hourglass shapes should stick to clean lines and simple colors to accentuate their natural form, so stay away from oversized sleeves, ruffles, and lower-rise jeans and pants. 
Best (IN)LARKIN styles for hourglass shapes: (UN)REAL Jean, Mariposa Dress 

Diamond Shape 

Diamond shapes are a narrow bottom, hip, thighs, butt, narrow shoulders, and a wider waist, creating the shape of a diamond on the body. The style goal of a diamond shape is to accentuate both the upper and lower body to create interest. It would be best if you tried to highlight your shoulders and legs while keeping things simple at the waistline with draping fabrics that don’t cling to the body. Tops with uneven hemlines and flutter sleeves, shirt-style dresses, and jackets with interest. 
Best (IN)LARKIN styles for diamond shapes: Aliferous Shirtdress, Wool Bomber Jacket

This style guide for dressing your body is just that, a guide, and you don’t have to follow the tips presented here. The most important part of dressing is feeling good about wearing it. Although the main style goal of many-body shapes is to create a defined waist and hourglass shape, you may decide that highlighting other body features feels better to you. Whatever you feel good in, you’ll look good in, and that’s true fashion.