Let’s be real, everyone loves the feel of a good pair of sweatpants. They’re soft, comfortable, and let you get things done without feeling restricted or bound up. Your favorite sweats make you feel relaxed, and cozy, even on the coldest of days, but they also have a glaring down side? They’re not the most glamorous wardrobe choice and they may not necessarily make you feel like your sexiest self. Sweatpants will make you feel cozy while watching flicks on your couch, even make you feel motivated while doing housework, and definitely secure when it feels like doing anything other than getting out of bed is unbearable, but unfortunately, they won't give you the same fabulous (in) style look and feel of your favorite pair of jeans.

On the flip side, everyone has their favorite pair of jeans that fit just right. I mean they fit like they were made with your name on it.  You can pair them with anything...a cute floral blouse, a casual, boxy tee, your favorite slouchy sweater. They’re just absolutely perfect for any occasion and are the most versatile piece of clothing you own.  From answering emails, working in the garden, Zoom calls, or just running to the grocery store, your favorite pair of jeans are the perfect go to choice.  Right?  WrongWell most of the time?  The only thing about jeans is that no matter how well they fit initially, they quickly lose their shape or their just not that comfortable.  Your favorite pair of jeans suddenly feel like they belong to someone else.  And, if you eat a big meal, drink too much water, or bloat even just a tad, you run the risk of your jeans digging into your skin, folding into your oh-so-stubborn pooch area, and leaving marks.  Comfort goes right out the door and you are left feeling frustrated and not so stylish.

So how do you get the softness and comfort of sweatpants without sacrificing the style and versatility of jeans? (IN)LARKIN’s designer, Mary Beth Larkin, has spent years perfecting the solution for women who want it all.  The new (UN)REAL Jean is the answer to this ongoing dilemma. The (UN)REAL Jean is constructed from a patented fabric that has a knit quality that’s breathable, comfortable, and fits to your body...period.  No bagging, no sagging, just a perfect fit on your body.  Pre-order your very own pair of (UN)REAL Jeans today and experience the fit firsthand. A very comfortable, sexy, and stylish pair of (UN)REAL Jeans awaits.