There is a time in a woman’s life that she turns to comfort. She won’t suffer in a dress that won’t let her sit, or pants too painful to put on, or a fitted outfit that looks fabulous but doesn’t feel good. (IN)LARKIN® is the first to fuse glamour with the performance and flexibility of athleisure, and this fusion is the key to the comfort factor in our clothing. Whether it’s the fabrics, the details, or the ability to layer, athglamour® is perfect for the woman who is comfortable in her own clothes and in her own skin.

The Fabrics

Finding the perfect fabric is a critical part of the design process. We try to design into the fabrication and allow it to speak to us about what it wants to be. The use of all-weather fabrics like cotton rib and faux silk makes these pieces easy to wear and comfortable in both the summer heat and winter chill. Our Mariposa Dress flatters your natural curves while maintaining an elegant look by using a combination of nylon, viscose, and spandex. This group of fabrics produce a body-conscious fabric that sucks you in at all the right places, making you more comfortable than you are in any other black dress. We also purposely use only machine washable fabrics for extra ease. We’ve been conditioned to believe that fashionable clothing comes with a dry clean only label, but by choosing fabrics with comfort and ease in mind, we can pull away from this stigma.

The Details

The design is in the details. We design for women who are comfortable and confident in their own skin, and these women need details that will give them an extra dose of glam. Unique details bring a subtle and interesting element and style to a piece, and that uniqueness makes our clothes stand out among the rest. Out Winged Tunic features a two-fabric contrast of matte versus sheen. The back is a faux silk sateen and meets a tissue rib at the angled side seams. This detail is not only cool but is a very flattering angle for a woman. The first step to feeling comfortable in your clothes is feeling comfortable with yourself, and that’s the goal in our mind when we design.

Ability to Layer

Layering allows you to be cozy with a little addition of luxury and gives you the ability to adjust your outfit for the season. By adding a layer to any outfit, you can be comfortable in any indoor or outdoor activities. The sheer sleeve of the Aliferous Shirt Dress is enough to allow air flow through in the summer heat, but the oversized fit allows room for an extra layer in case you need it. This shirt dress can be worn as a dress, cinched in, or let out, or as a top with your most comfortable pair of jeans. These options give you the opportunity to choose how you wear it, and which way the piece is going to be most comfortable for you that day. We design for women, and we understand the need to sometimes hide problem areas.

We never want to sacrifice comfort for style, and that’s the reason we created athglamour®. As the first to fuse form to function, we are paving the way for women to be truly comfortable in what they wear. Don’t allow your craving for high fashion to overshadow your need to look good and feel good. Why would you when you could have both? Visit us at the Local’s Collective to see and feel our athglamourous pieces in person, and don’t forget to sign up for our email list for updates, exclusive offers, and a free Goddess Guide for inspiration.