If you're on social media, you've probably seen #cleangirlaesthetic and #modeloffduty trending recently. Whether TikTok, Instagram, or Pinterest, the average woman gravitates toward casual glamour. Fueled by some of the most famous faces in the media, this "casual glamour' style emulates an off-duty model that casually threw an outfit together.

The words used to describe this style are minimalist, collected, effortless and sophisticated - all words we typically use to describe (IN)LARKIN. Accents of glamour through fit, fabric combinations, and intricate details. These pieces are sexy, but not so sexy that we stray away from sophistication. Instead, we mean styles that accentuate your natural beauty and curves.

We love casual glamour, which is why our styles are the perfect example. The white Aliferous Shirt, with an editor's tuck, and the chiffon wing at the back create the glamour we are talking about. Add the (UN)REAL Jeans, and you've got the perfect minimalist model off-duty outfit. In our opinion, the main attraction of casual glamour is the ability to switch a piece or two and completely change your look, and wear sneakers or stilettos. For example, switch your top to the Variegated Tank and Beauty Bomber combination with some kicks for a more laid-back, errand-running look. Casual glamour is simply high-quality, low-profile functional beauty for your everyday lifestyle.

If you want to be an early adopter of the next BIG thing... check out athglamour® at inlarkin.com or at our flagship location in Santa Ynez for your casual glamour fix.