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Goodbye, athleisure! Hello athglamour®!

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Santa Barbara, CA Mary Beth Larkin, a contemporary fashion designer and entrepreneur, is the namesake of (IN)LARKIN®, her fashion label and flagship boutique in Santa Ynez. Since opening in July, Larkin has felt an outpour of love and support from the community and worldwide tourists alike as they connect with her innovative, comfort-driven brand.

Early in her career, she spent nearly 10 years making glamour practical for Giorgio Armani. She went on to pioneer the ease and comfort of athleisure in her solo line debut, eMBe. Now, she is the first to fuse glamour with the ease and flexibility of athleisure in a fashion advance she calls athglamour®.

Larkin feels women have settled for wearing athleisure for ALL occasions, solely because they are comfortable. Women have long desired another option that didn’t exist...until now.

Shopping is made simple with Larkin’s introduction of athglamour®, a new market segment which weaves the comfort of athleisure to the tailored cuts of high fashion. The ability to wear sneakers or stilettos with every timeless design and look equally elegant is a priority. A fashion alternative to athleisure, athglamour® is equally comfortable, but it doesn’t look like you just came from the gym.

Larkin, when she isn’t designing, can be found behind the sales counter, on the floor pulling products from her latest collections, and styling her customers from head to toe. Her clients are looking for luxe leisure wear designed for comfort; everyday casual glamourand living with no boundaries” are taglines on the brand’s website, speaking to Larkin’s ability to design versatile styles that one can truly live in.

“It has been the most rewarding part of my fashion career to interact with the customers and see their enthusiasm for what I create. It is the most beautiful high. Customers even come back into the boutique, showing me how they styled my designs in their own athglamourous way. The best part of having a fashion brand is seeing and hearing the feedback directly,” says Larkin. “I am so grateful to my customers for embracing my brand.”

Larkin’s new Eunoia Collection is a compilation showing the development of the (IN)LARKIN® label since it launched. It is also a love letter to Larkin’s past and present collections.

“I feel it is important that our customer understands that each collection builds from existing collections. Every season offers new building blocks that complement your existing (IN)LARKIN® wardrobe. The process of putting blocks together with balance and form to create beauty is at the heart of this collection,” explains Larkin.

Larkin has big plans for her brand, with goals of opening boutiques across the country and making athglamour® equally popular as athleisure.

Shop at our online boutique Or, if you happen to be traveling through Santa Barbara, take a stunning drive through wine country to shop at our flagship boutique (IN)LARKIN®, at 3568 Sagunto St., Suite D, in Santa Ynez. Open Wednesday through Sunday, between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m.

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