Beautiful Vibrant Luxurious

Santa Barbara's vibrant nature and pleasurable persona creates a perfect 48-hour getaway for the adventurous urbanista you wish to be. In terms of a vacation, the town's unique cultural experience has aged like the beautiful wine it is known for (to perfection), offering a plethora of activities to satisfy the lavish renegade lifestyle. Full of adventure and embedded with luxury, Santa Barbara definitely embodies a diverse set of experiences, which is why you might need some assistance in crafting the perfect weekend. So, it is time to throw-on your Cool Casing Knit Top and immerse yourself in all that Santa Barbara has to offer. From the charismatic nature of the Funk Zone to the beautiful beaches and mountains that surround it, here are the must-dos to experience the true beauty of the posh, Spanish-style, beach town of Santa Barbara.

The Funk Zone: The Funk Zone, located on the ocean-side of downtown Santa Barbara and just north of Stearns Wharf, is the perfect place to get your extravagant groove on without missing out on the true Santa Barbara lifestyle. Coated with graffiti murals and lively modern street art, the Funk Zone is the epitome of a contemporary art show while offering an exciting list of things to do. If you want to experience the true aesthetic of this district and activate your fancier side, the Santa Barbara Urban Wine Trail is the activity for you. To take your wine tasting to the next level, the highly renowned Santa Barbara Urban Wine Trail provides a map of the best wineries in Santa Barbara, in which most are located in the Funk Zone. By indulging in this activity, you not only get to taste amazing wine but get to explore one of the most memorable parts of Santa Barbara and take in the town's vibrant culture. Beyond wine tasting, the Funk Zone offers a variety of amazing places to eat, one of which being, The Lark. After a long afternoon of wine tasting, The Lark is the perfect place to sit down and satisfy your raging appetite. This trendy restaurant is not only located at the center of this vibrant district but is the beating heart to it all, serving tantalizing American-style cuisine. Whether visiting in the morning, mid-day, or the evening, no 48-hours in Santa Barbara is complete without visiting the Funk Zone.

Beach Walk, Sunset, and Drinks: Of course, no visit to Santa Barbara would be complete without spending time on its beautiful beaches. To maximize this experience, this trio of activities is the endeavor for you. Santa Barbara sunsets are truly alluring, and there is no better way to experience them than on its postcard counterpart, the beach. To capitalize on this activity, I recommend taking a stroll down the beautiful Butterfly Beach in time for sunset, and then stopping by the luxurious and iconic 4 Seasons Resort, for some drinks and an exquisite meal. Here are some other amazing beaches to visit in Santa Barbara if you get the chance: East Beach, Hendry's Beach, Leadbetter, Summerland Beach and Miramar Beach.

The Miramar: When referring to the luxurious side of Santa Barbara, no conversation is complete without mentioning the Miramar. This lavish beachside resort will make you feel like a royal queen with your only responsibility being to have a great time. The Miramar is definitely high class and the perfect place to enjoy some drinks and experience the glamorous side of Santa Barbara

Experiencing the Vibrant Santa Ynez Mountains: To experience Santa Barbara’s true beauty, it is essential to tap into your adventurous side and explore the San Ynez Mountains. Being known for its hiking trails and mesmerizing views, it would be a sin not to throw on your comfortable Tunic T and enjoy one of the many incredible hikes these mountains have to offer. This activity not only encapsulates the town's unique beauty but grants you a new perspective of one of the most vibrant cities in California. Whether short or long, here is a list of the best hikes to go on in Santa Barbara: Seven Falls, Inspirational point, Hot Springs Trail, Lizard's Mouth, Rattlesnake Trail and Goleta Peak.

Other Places to Eat At

Renaud's Patisserie & Bistro: Paris may be the City Of Love, but Renaud's Patisserie & Bistro brings the heart and soul of French cuisine to the city of Santa Barbara. This award-winning bakery is known for its pastries but also serves up egg dishes and other specialty items if you want a more fulfilling breakfast. Renaud's Patisserie & Bistro is a Santa Barbara favorite that should not be ignored during your 48-hour stay. 

Backyard Bowls: Santa Barbara is known for having some of the best weather in the world. To nourish your body and cool off from the heat of the sun, head to Backyard Bowls for a sweet, refreshing snack. Backyard Bowls is known for having some of the best açai bowls and smoothies in town and is the perfect spot to stop by for lunch. Backyard Bowls has two locations in Santa Barbara and is a great place to visit if açai bowls are your thing. 

Brophy Bros: Located right on the Santa Barbara Harbor, Brophy Bros is another icon restaurant to visit. Brophy Bros is one of the best seafood restaurants in Santa Barbara and definitely worth a visit.

Envisioning the perfect 48 hours in Santa Barbara is a difficult task as there are so many fun experiences to have—but I hope this list gets you started in crafting a fantastic get-away. And remember, no perfect 48-hours can be complete without traveling in comfort and style. (IN)LARKIN's modern cosmopolitan attire is the ideal fit for the vibrant Santa Barbara lifestyle.