With summer and a pandemic in full swing, you might find yourself in need of a refreshing cocktail to lighten the mood. Whether you’re in the mood for a sweet, tangy cosmopolitan or a bubbly mimosa—you still have one more choice to make once you’ve decided your cocktail of choice: frozen or on the rocks? 

If you need an excuse to use that blender that you swore you’d use, spicing up your day with a frozen drink might be a good way to start. The blended ice in frozen drinks adds a fun texture to cocktails that will give the fun feel of a slushy with a bit of a twist. Also, since the ice is blended into small beads, your drink will be much cooler than if it were on the rocks which is perfect for July’s unrelenting heat. The only downside is that the ice may melt quicker since it’s in much smaller pieces so you might want to enjoy your frozen cocktail while you’re taking a break from your day of fun in the sun. If you want a taste of ​Sex and the City ​the next time you crave a frozen cocktail, fix up a citrusy, simple ​F​rozen Cosmo​

If you’re looking to keep things fun but simple to keep cool, adding a few ice cubes to your favorite cocktail is a good way to go. Keep in mind that the ice itself will not chill your cocktail, but will help it stay cool for longer. Keeping your cocktails cool can help bring out the subtle notes from the fruit juice, botanicals, or spirits you add to make your cocktails. If you are looking for more ways to add some flavor to your cocktails this summer, ​Sip Awards has a few tips and tricks that will add a tasty twist to your summer cocktails.