In a continued effort to offer comfort and uplifting content to our (IN)LARKIN community, we have a very special message to share from Founder, Mary Beth Larkin's, father — Dr. William K. Larkin.  In our latest Salon Statement, Guest Blog Author, Dr. William K. Larkin, offers 5 Mindsets at Your Fingertips.  


Gratitude, Peace, Love, Joy, Hope.

While we race for a vaccine, we tend to overlook that far more thousands who are exposed will not succumb to CV-19 than do. What is the nature of behavioral resistance?

Keep in mind that even genetics and the very formation of our DNA and RNA are shaped by culture, not simply by biological transmission.

What are they doing differently? We know that an UpSpiral is more resistant to illness and that positivity, optimism and faith and hope are all important factors in resistance of fear and worry or the careless denial of flaunting safety precautions. Using needless defenses wastes psychic energy and reduces our personal resources.

Fighting with this or that measure decided by authorities or reports or politicians may express what you are against; what are you for? Don’t waste energy fighting AGAINST, use that energy for deciding and creating your own mindset of Gratitude

Feel it and pulse it
Gratitude, gratitude, gratitude
Master that first and then one other
over days and weeks, its with you as a potential default setting.
Practice feeling gratitude and experiencing it.
It is my go-to place.

Values exercised in choices and consequent behavior raises our happiness and well-being and our resilience and positive resistance.
Placebo is forever surprisingly effective as is authentic faith that is not denial. Authentic and real conserves energy and supports an UpSpiral.  

Gratitude and peace, joy, love and hope are a word and a feeling away, just a choice and gratitude can be felt and lived.  So can these 4 other potential mindsets. Gratitude and peace pulsed and felt are values lived.

In this now,
Just this, just this, just gratitude, just gratitude
Just gratitude.
Feel it and feel it again
Pulse it 10 x
Then do that 10 twenty times today.

Virus and value are so similar and almost at opposite ends, except they are similar. If we are exposed to gratitude and we catch it, it changes the brain and the pysche and the world around us.

Empty of values, we are receptive to some kind of opposite or alternative.
I wonder if values or virus could be considered a valid research question?

How does how we live affect what we do and don’t “take to”? or get?

I choose gratitude and peace.  I live there in safety and I do not spend time in threat.

Fashion factor?
I dress as I choose to be.

Dr. William K. Larkin
Applied Neuroscience Institute