Did you know that there is a psychology to color? In fact, your favorite color is representative to the way you think. Take this a step further, and the way you react to different colors can actually impact what you purchase. The psychology of color is the study of colors in relation to human behavior. Wearing certain colors evokes an emotional response that influences and even impacts how we react. Colors are a form of nonverbal communication that can tell a person a lot about you, in just a few seconds. What can color convey…a mood, an emotion, a psychological reaction and even inspire people to take action.

Each color affects your body, emotional intelligence and aurora. There are colors that have bodily effects that increase respiration rate, raise blood pressure, or enhance metabolism. There are also colors that increase your emotional intelligence symbolizing joy, energy and happiness. And lastly, there is that cosmic feeling—I call it an aurora of elegance, mystery, or glamour that some colors can convey.

As a designer brand we pay attention to how we want our consumer to react and feel towards the colors we use in our collections each season. In a way, we are creating a story that is conveyed through our color palettes. For this collection we move from a place of strength because our urbanista is an overachiever, but she loves an adventure because she is a renegade at heart. She is playful but also balanced by her serious and spiritual nature. This narrative is conveyed through the colors in this collection: black, olive, blue and wine. Each color has a meaning and is part of our (IN)LARKIN story.

So when you look at the colors you gravitate towards, pay attention to the way they make you feel—you are experiencing the psychology of color! What is your favorite color or what colors do you wear most? Let us know at thesalon@inlarkin.com

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