A crisp, polished outfit is always sure to turn heads and give off an air of sophistication. Even if you aren’t preparing for your runway debut, you can still achieve a clean and polished look with the following simple and easy tips 

  1. Accessorize

The right accessory has the power to tie an entire outfit together. Adding a hat and scarf, such as our Stein Scarf Fur Collar, to jeans and a t-shirt takes the outfit from simple and casual to fashion forward.

  1. A Belt and Tucked Shirt

Tucking in your shirt creates a clear division between the top and bottom half of your outfit. The crisp lines this division creates make for a polished look. Adding a belt, like our new Infinity Leather Belt, helps accentuate the outfit’s crisp lines while also accessorizing.

  1. Hand Bag Upkeep

Even quality hand bags require maintenance every so often. Maintaining the luster and shine of your hand bags not only keeps them in top condition, it also adds a polished touch to the outfit it accompanies.

  1. Neat Hair and Make-Up

Neat hair and make-up compliment any look, but are very important in creating a polished look; bed-head and sloppy make-up can negate any efforts in looking polished. Your make-up does not have to be elaborate to look polished. A classic red lipstick, a touch of a neutral eye shadow, and a little mascara can go a long way. Even a nice clear gloss can add a simple clean touch to a look. As for hair, a slicked back ponytail or even wearing your hair down and thoroughly brushed can make your look seem effortlessly clean.

  1. Pressed and Steamed

Wrinkled clothes are the complete opposite of polished. To prevent wrinkled clothes from ruining a perfectly polished outfit, make sure your clothes are pressed, steamed, or ironed.

Creating a polished look is not just about looking neat. It’s about how you want to present yourself to the world. The way you dress is a reflection of the bold and courageous person you are on the inside. You deserve to show off the internal boldness and courage that you already possess. Use these five tips to get you started, but don’t be afraid to turn the concept of a polished look into something of your own.