In the world of fashion, comfort and style have often been viewed as two separate entities. For centuries, women have had to choose between enduring hours of discomfort in outfits that look good but don’t feel good, or sacrificing elegance for the sake of comfort. Women have long desired another option that didn’t exist…until now.

(IN)LARKIN® has revolutionized the fashion industry, pioneering an exclusive new market segment called athglamour®. This innovative concept combines the tailored cuts of high fashion with the comfort of athleisure, redefining comfort and style through everyday casual glamour. When you shop (IN)LARKIN®, you are free to live life without boundaries, with each timeless piece pairing perfectly and elegantly with your choice of sneakers or stilettos. Simply put: (IN)LARKIN® is luxury designer clothing that feels as good as it looks.


(IN)LARKIN® recognizes that women should not have to compromise on comfort to achieve a fashionable look. The brainchild of our brand, athglamour® aims to provide women with an alternative that embraces both comfort and style. Designer Mary Beth Larkin takes care to incorporate luxurious fabrics, precise tailoring, and sleek designs into every collection, ensuring each piece is as comfortable as it is chic.


One of the standout features of athglamour® is its versatility. With (IN)LARKIN®, women have the freedom to choose sneakers, stilettos, or anything in between to complete their outfits. Whether it's a day at the office, a casual lunch date, or a night out on the town, (IN)LARKIN® designs can be effortlessly styled up or down, enabling women to easily adapt their looks to various occasions. 


(IN)LARKIN® has empowered women to redefine fashion norms and embrace their individuality. By providing clothing that seamlessly blends form, function, and fashion, designer Mary Beth Larkin encourages women to express themselves authentically without compromising their personal preferences. By breaking the traditional boundaries of what is considered "appropriate" or "fashionable", athglamour® allows women to make their own choices, confidently embodying both comfort and refinement.


(IN)LARKIN® challenges the traditional fashion landscape, pushing boundaries and redefining what it means to be fashionable. Our athglamour® concept rejects rigid fashion standards and instead celebrates being comfortable in your own skin. With (IN)LARKIN®, the dress code has expanded from stilettos to sneakers, providing women with limitless options to look glamorous and feel unrestricted, no matter the occasion.

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