As the leaves change, the cold fronts come through and the weather transitions into Fall, our wardrobe must transition, too. It’s that time of year when we pull the thicker sweaters, extra layering pieces, and fabulous Fall accessories out from the back of our closets. Fall is the perfect opportunity to experiment with accessories, such as hats, scarves, and bags. The best way to elevate a Fall outfit, in our opinion, is to add a unique seasonal item, the faux fur scarf. While we don’t have any (IN)LARKIN hats for you just yet, we are relaunching our best-selling Stein Scarf Fur Collar. As seen in British Vogue in both original colorways, this faux fur collar is the perfect accessory to make your favorite Fall outfit go from basic to absolutely glamorous, and we anticipate it selling out again, just like last year.

Why is it called the Stein Scarf, you ask? It is named after Gertrude Stein and her movement to gather creatives in her Salon (aka her living room). It was a cultural hub for art, design, thinking, glamour and sophistication. So our designer thought this piece was the perfect style to name after the great dame and bring back this kind of feeling. This accessory is nearest and dearest to the spirit of Gertrude Stein, its namesake, because it adds such a splash of glamour to the most mundane of clothing.

The Scarves

The Stein Scarf Fur Collar will be available in Animal, black and navy with a shag fur pattern, and Zebra, a classic olive and black fur print. Did I mention this fur was from Gucci?  Because we love to use designer recycled fabrics. Gucci used this same quality, and we used their leftovers. These colorways feature 100% silk ties, Animal in black or navy, and Zebra in Olive. It’s an accessory that should last through many upcoming Fall Seasons.

With Your Favorite Sweater

Elevate your favorite basic black sweater with the Stein Scarf Fur Collar in either of our two colorways. The faux fur pattern adds a little extra glamour to an otherwise basic outfit. Pair this scarf with your favorite pair of jeans, like the (UN)REAL Jean, and your favorite neutral colored sweater for instant and effortless style. With its black ties made from 100% silk, the Stein Scarf Fur Collar will yet again be the must-have Fall accessory. Wrap the scarf around your neck and tie the ends in a gift-wrap bow. This fur collar is entirely adjustable and allows you to position it on your neck any way you’d like.

With a Bomber

The best attribute of our MOBO Beauty Bomber is the ability to take it from season to season by simply adding accessories. To make the black bomber the highlight of your Fall outfit, add the Stein Scarf Fur Collar in either colorway. The Stein Scarf in Animal would pop against the black hue of the bomber, and the silk ties add that extra panache. With just an under-layer and an accessory, your favorite bomber goes from basic layer to high-fashion Fall. In addition to glamour, this scarf gives you that tad bit of warmth you may need when the weather starts to cool down. It may be faux fur, but it will still shelter your neck from the chilly breeze of a night out.

With a Tee

You may think any outfit that includes a t-shirt is casual, but the Stein Scarf dresses up any opportunity to dress down. Elevate your favorite basic tee or tank with a faux fur and silk scarf. While it can give warmth if that’s what you’re looking for, this fur collar is also breathable and the perfect accessory to elevate the basics for that quintessential athglamour look. Wear it with our Variegated Tank on a slightly warmer Fall day to effortlessly bring your outfit from weekday blues to weekend glamour. Like the Beauty Bomber, the Variegated Tank has a sateen piping detail that would pair perfectly with the silk tips of the Stein Scarf.

With just the addition of the perfect accessory, you can elevate your bomber, sweater, or tee to new heights. The Stein Scarf is that perfect accessory, and not only will it give you an upgrade, but it will also have spectators wondering what makes your outfit très à la mode. Visit us at the Locals’ Collective or online to buy the pieces mentioned in this Style Blog — the MOBO Beauty Bomber, Variegated Tank, and other gorgeous (IN)LARKIN pieces. To stay updated on the relaunch of the Stein Scarf Fur Collar and other Fall releases, make sure you subscribe to our email list and follow us on socials.