You no longer have to choose between looking your best and having a functional wardrobe. Function and fashion are often pitted as opposing forces, which leaves the customer to choose which one they value more. Your heart may tell you one thing, but your head will almost always gravitate toward the comfortable pieces. 

(IN)LARKIN is challenging that stigma by offering you functional fashion for every occasion. Having functional clothing accomplishes more than just the ability to do your daily activities. Function refers to the ability to transition your pieces from season to season, to create various outfits with just a few pieces, and to make your mornings just that much easier. The function can also be simple, such as making you more comfortable in your body and giving you a self-esteem boost. Our pieces are functional for any lifestyle or life stage because we know each woman has individual needs when it comes to her clothes. 

Looking for a functional way to bolster your winter wardrobe? The Cashmere Neck Warmer functions as a scarf without the bulkiness and unappealing hand of a traditional scarf. It adds trendy layers to your winter coat and allows you to show off your statement earrings. 

If you’re looking for the function of a pullover but don’t want to commit to the laidback look of a hoodie, take a peek at our new Engineered Cowl Sweatshirt. It has the elegant touches of a designer piece, but the fit and comfort of being something you’d wear to cheer on your kid's evening soccer games.

The Aliferous Shirt is an absolute need for professional attire, business casual, or a day out shopping, and ours has the shine and fit that gives it an added oomph. Sometimes, a classic button-up just isn’t going to complete your outfit but you want something with that same fit and style. This shirt is the perfect “glam button-up” that you can wear all day long. 

All in all, functional fashion is about fitting your lifestyle. How do your (IN)LARKIN products serve your lifestyle?