Earlier this week, our founder and designer, Mary Beth Larkin had the opportunity to partake in an interview that ran live on local channels here in Santa Barbara County. After a tough few years battling through COVID, it seems like everything has finally come full circle for her.

While working for Armani in New York City, Mary Beth Larkin learned how to persevere through the unexpected. It was fast-paced, and things were constantly pivoting in the fashion industry. She took this experience and used her knowledge when she launched her own label. 

Prior to the pandemic, Mary Beth planned on opening a brick-and-mortar store. As COVID settled in and shutdowns started, she was forced to change her long-dreamt plans. Instead, she launched online at inlarkin.com and began to channel all of her efforts into her online platform. It forced her to focus on online efforts instead of all the negatives COVID brought. 

It’s now more than two years later, but Mary Beth is finally seeing her original dreams play out. Without the Santa Ynez community, there would be no (IN)LARKIN location. It’s because of this amazing location that Mary Beth was able to launch her dream right here at home. 

Mary Beth loves to share her story and her inspiration, so if you’re in the Santa Ynez area, stop by 3565 Sagunto St., Suite D. If you want to read the full article, you do so here.