Let's talk some facts...women come in all different beautiful shapes and sizes! Depending on your body type, you may want to accentuate or "show off" specific physical attributes of your unique shape. The first step in dressing for your body type is to figure out and decide, what is my actual body shape? So go look at yourself in the mirror.  There are five main types of body shapes: Apple, Pear, Inverted Triangle, Rectangle, and the Hourglass.

If your upper body is broader than your lower body and you tend to hold more weight towards your mid-section, you probably have an apple body shape. Women with this kind of body shape also tend to have shorter torsos. V-neck tops can help give off the illusion of a long torso. If you’re looking for a slimming look, dark monochromatic pieces can help you achieve a slim aesthetic. If you were lucky enough to buy the Royal Tuck Top and the Sublime Pants in black last season, you are in luck, as they are a perfect outfit for an apple body type.

Now a pear body shape is characterized by having slimmer shoulders and wider hips. If you’re looking to create a visual balance between your upper and lower body, ruffled and patterned tops should be your go-to's. Fitted bottoms, such as leggings or our (UN)REAL Jeans, paired with a loose-fitting top, like our Flight Shirt also achieve this visual balance.

If you don’t hold much weight on a particular part of your body, but have shoulders that are broader than your hips, you have an inverted triangle figure. This body shape tends to be common with women who are athletes or lead physically active lifestyles. Similar to the pear body shape, women with this body shape may want to achieve a balanced look between their hips and shoulders, but focus more on widening the appearance of their lower body. A-line skirts, like our Fly Skirt are a great way to make your hips look wider and create the appearance of an hourglass figure.

Women that are evenly balanced between their upper body, mid-section, and lower body have a rectangle figure. Pieces that balance your silhouette or break it up into sections suit this body type really well. A great option, is our Butterfly Tank paired with the Flight Shirt layered over and paired with our (UN)REAL Jeans.

And lastly, if your shoulders and hips are fairly even, but your waist is smaller in comparison, you likely have an hourglass figure. If you’re looking to accentuate the curves of your figure, go for fitted clothing that cinches at the waist. Belts can also help highlight the inward curves of your waist. Our suggestion would be the Aliferous Shirt Dress and define your waist with our Infinity or Aspect Leather Belt.

Regardless of your unique body type, how you decide to dress your body is your choice. Use this Style Blog as a starting point and an open invitation to try new pieces to highlight your favorite aspects of your body’s shape.