The (UN)REAL Jeans are far from your average pair of jeans. They have a sleek design with chic detailing and a comfortable, slimming fit that is unmatched. Jeans that are this unique allow you to style them with a wide variety of pieces.

Here are six ways to pair and style your (UN)REAL Jeans:

1. Work to Weekend

For a flowy look that is effortless and casual, pair your (UN)REAL jeans with the Aliferous Shirt Dress and the Variegated Tank. When the shirtdress is buttoned and belted, it gives a business-friendly look that is chic but comfortable. Undo the buttons on the dress with the tank underneath and pair it with your (UN)REAL Jeans. This look is airy, light, and perfect for transitioning from work to the weekend.

2. Strolling and Stylish

Pair the Butterfly Tank and a pair of kicks with the (UN)REAL Jeans for a look that is comfortable enough for walking your dog, but chic enough for a romantic evening stroll. The Butterfly Tank welcomes the wind with its elegant wing detailing that gently rustles in the breeze, or with the motion of a calm and gentle stride.

3. Modest in the Front and Party in the Back

The Flight Shirt’s lovely winged detailing in the back is an elegant surprise to its modest front. The Flight Shirt, a pair of flats, and the (UN)REAL Jeans create a look that is Audrey Hepburn chic, modest, bold, and absolutely effortless.

4. Brunch Ready

The Butterfly Shell, MOBO Beauty Bomber Jacket, and the (UN)REAL Jeans make for a look that is both casual and glamorous. It exudes a balance of style and casual that is perfect for brunch or a shopping spree with the girls.

5. Sassy Chic

Pairing the Flight Shirt with the (UN)REAL Jeans is chic but, add an element of sass and class to this look by knotting the Flight Shirt in the front and adding a pair of open-toed booties. These minor adjustments will make a world of difference in the look and feel of your outfit. Knotting the shirt in the front adds a casual flair to the top and the booties add an element of glamour to the piece that still allows for a casual look.

6. Modern Boho Chic

Pair your (UN)REAL Jeans with the Glasswing Shell and a pair of slides for a look that is modern boho chic. This look is cool and comfortable because of the Glasswing Shell’s open-back detailing and soft, lightweight fabric. This outfit takes you from day to night or from coffee to cocktails without batting an eye.

The (UN)REAL Jeans are jeans that are just as unique as the women they were designed for. Their slimming fit, comfortable feel, and stylish detailing give you the freedom to style them to your heart’s desire. Try out these styles and pairing suggestions, and even come up with a few of your own, to create looks that are (IN)STYLE, (IN)COMFORT, and (IN)FASHION.