We’ve all been in that position. You’re only an hour into your 3-hour business meeting and your skirt is already stiff, digging into your waist, and riding up so badly that you’re wiggling in your chair. You think back to earlier this year when Zooming in your sweats was the only kind of business meeting you had to deal with.

That’s where we come in.

(IN)LARKIN has versatile and packable pieces that can take you from a long day of business meetings to that overwhelming dinner with your colleagues, all while being (in)comfort and (in)style.

Your Best Dress

Our Aliferous Shirt Dress is a great transitional piece. It’s a classic style that we’ve elevated to fit the masculine femininity trend. Wear this dress cinched at the waist with the included belt to highlight your figure for your meetings, then let it out and pair it with your favorite denim for a late-night dinner.

The possibilities are endless with this shirtdress, and it will end up being your go-to layering piece on the last day of your trip once you start running out of outfits.  

A Layering Tank

The Variegated Tank is a staple basic piece without being basic. Your body is framed in a classy sateen piping detail that matches all of the other layering possibilities in our collection.

The best thing about this tank is the amount of stretch it has. It will move with your body as you sit in those uncomfortable conference chairs. It’s such a classic, you may want to actually pack two. 

A Go-To Top

Our go-to is the Flight Shirt. This shirt was designed to represent unlimited opportunities, so why not wear it to a meeting that represents the same thing? The open tulip back is just enough to make you feel glamorous while sticking to professional work attire.

You can pair this blouse with just about any pant you can think of. We personally suggest the (UN)REAL Jean for a more relaxed meeting or lunch, or the Fly Skirt if the situation is more business. 

A Skirt You Can Sit In

The Fly Skirt is perfect for those who want a good balance of class and sass. Not only does it have functional pockets, something every woman looks for in a bottom, but it also has a functional front faux silk piped placket that allows you to show some leg if you wish.

The 7% Spandex helps eliminate that awkward riding up when you’re sitting down. An underrated piece in our collection, the Fly Skirt is a must-pack for our skirt lovers and those who have stricter dress codes to follow.  

Your Favorite Denim

Let’s face it. Business trips always come with lots of eating out, snacking, and a few foods you may not eat all of the time. Our (UN)REAL Jean is the jean without judgment.

It’s the jean that will grow with you if needed instead of giving you that suffocated feeling after your 3rd steak and wine dinner this week.

This is the perfect jean for your flights there and back as well as any casual days you may have. The skinny leg and ankle length also pair well with any tops, so you won’t be fumbling around in your suitcase looking for that perfect outfit. 

A Daily Layering Piece

If you’ve been around since the beginning, you have our original Beauty Bomber. If you’re just finding us, you’ll want to invest in one of our MOBO Beauty Bombers.

This layering piece comes in three different colors so that you can choose its purpose. Is it strictly for extra warmth, is it to cover up your shoulders to adhere to your company dress code, or is it your statement piece, your accessory? This bomber has a place in each and every outfit you’ll make.

A Fun Accessory

You’ll want to pack an accessory that matches your vibe, and we have a couple to choose from.

If you’re going somewhere known for fashion, make sure to pack one of our Stein Scarves. These scarves were a part of the last collection, so if you don’t have one, you need one. It adds such a splash of glamour to the most basic of outfits.

If your destination is a little more laid back, pack our Infinity Leather Belt. This belt automatically escalates any outfit with its perforated leather and brushed infinity buckle. It’s one size fits all, and that means outfits, too!

By packing just 7 pieces of (IN)LARKIN, and a few of your favorite shoes, you can build over 15 different outfits for your business trip.

These aren’t just clothes; they are pieces you can trust to give you comfort while looking classy and stylish from day-long meetings to nighttime dinners. We promise, no one will know for sure that what you’re wearing is comfortable, but they may ask for your packing list.