If you’re anything like us, the travel bug has bitten after over a year of isolation and quarantine. Bans are finally being lifted, but where should you set off to first? Luckily, we’ve done the research, so you don’t have to. Whether you’re looking for a simple weekend getaway, to travel the USA, or hop a flight to another country, we can show you wear to travel and what to wear.

Weekend Getaway: Carmel, California           

Carmel is just about 4 hours North of Santa Barbara, and the perfect place to travel for a weekend getaway. Since you’ll be traveling by car, you’ll want to be comfortable, but you will also want to be ready for the day ahead so wear your (UN)REAL Jean with the Variegated Tank. This pairing is super easy to throw on, yet the piping on the Variegated Tank screams “athglamourous.” You are going a little farther north, so you’ll want to have a layering piece like the MOBO Beauty Bomber easily accessible in case the weather surprises you. It’s also a great piece to instantly level up your outfit for dinner that night. We specialize in pieces that are transitional, so a quick freshening up at the La Playa Carmel Hotel should have you ready for any nightlife you want to partake in.

On day 2, we suggest taking the Carmel Wine Walk. This walk is comprised of 13 tasting rooms all within a 1x1 square mile of downtown. You’ll be walking, but not too much, so you’ll want an outfit that is comfortable but classy enough to enter wine tasting rooms in a town that celebrities flock to. The Aliferous Shirt Dress coupled with the Infinity Belt should be enough to make your mark. Just remember that there are no heels higher than 2 inches allowed in Carmel. Strange, but just trust us. One of our favorite parts of Carmel is the multitude of local restaurants available. There are no chains in this town and each restaurant has something special to offer. If a dog friendly patio sounds good to you, try some calamari and salmon at Grasing’s Restaurant, but you truly can’t go wrong with any of the options in Carmel. Stop by your hotel quickly before you head there and throw on the Winged Tunic underneath the Aliferous Shirt Dress for effortless glam.

Domestic Getaway: Savannah, Georgia

Sometimes you just want to get out of the state for a week, and there’s no place better than the cute southern town of Savannah, Georgia. There’s a little something for everyone; southern charm, oak-lined streets, and so much history. This town doesn’t exude “high fashion,” so you’ll want to be prepared with a more laid-back style than you may be used to.

You’ll be traveling by plane, so you’ll want airport-ready clothes like the (UN)REAL Jean and one of our fabulous shells. The Butterfly Shell is the epitome of physical comfort while still preserving a light touch of beauty and class, perfectly in tune with the spirit of Savannah. For the light layer that we always need, bring your MOBO Beauty Bomber along. You can never go wrong with a classic Bomber Jacket.

Here’s where our amazing (UN)REAL Jeans really come in handy. A Savannah Food tour! This town is full of fantastic southern classics like Shrimp and Grits and Sausage Rolls, topped off with Sweet Tea. Pair your jeans with the Variegated Tank, our most stretchy tank in this collection. It’s the perfect piece for when you know you’re going to indulge on something you shouldn’t be. But hey, it’s vacation, right? Complete your outfit with the Aliferous Shirt Dress for an extra layer of protection from those Atlantic winds (and all the food you ate today).

If you’re reading this blog, you’re probably a shopaholic, or at least a lover of all things fashion. Experience all Savannah has to offer by boutique hopping on Broughton Street. One of our favorite places to stop in is the two-floor Paris Market, where treasures and décor from around the world are sold and macaroons are snacked on. Channel your inner Parisian in the Wingspan Dress, but because we know you can’t only wear (IN)LARKIN, don’t forget to stop into all the local boutiques for some awesome finds.

After a couple days of exploring the town, we know the California in you is going to want the beach. Tybee Island is just off the coast of Georgia know for its biking, dolphin watching, and fresh caught seafood. This is the perfect opportunity to break out your Mariposa Dress in Perry. It can be easily layered with a swimsuit if that’s your style but is also perfect for dipping your toes in the ocean. Don’t forget to shove the MOBO Beauty Bomber in your beach bag for the breezy coastal night.

Far & Away: French Riviera

The French Riviera is a luxury destination in the South of France known for its incredible ocean views, picturesque towns, and lots of delicious restaurants. Which seaside town you want to visit is your choice, but we have a few favorites to share with you.

You will obviously be traveling by plane to Paris and then by train to your first destination, Provence. This town is best visited in the summer months when the lavender fields are in bloom, but it’s also extremely hot. You’ll need some light and airy pieces that can still be considered high fashion, such as the Aliferous Shirt Dress. This dress in a beautiful cream hue will really stand out against the lavender in photos, and it’s equally light and fashionable.

Your stop in Nice is much more fast-paced since it’s one of the larger cities in the French Riviera. Here you can find tons of restaurants and museums and have the opportunity to take a walk around Old Nice on the water. The best thing to wear for a day out is the Fly Skirt and the Variegated Tank. Both are simple pieces that exude sophistication. A quick addition of the Flight Shirt and you have an outfit perfect for a local dinner and a night out.

For our fashionistas, we are stopping in Cannes. This quaint town is known for its Film Festival and its shopping street. The Boulevard de la Croisette features everything from high-end shops to local boutiques, plus it winds down the coastline, so you have beautiful views of the water from every angle. A high-fashion location calls for a high fashion outfit, like the Wingspan Dress.

We don’t know where exactly you’re headed next, but we can promise that (IN)LARKIN pieces will make the trip much more comfortable and stylish.