Last week’s blog talked all about the definition of a style icon. We discussed how a style icon is someone who demonstrates a real understanding of fashion and who will stand the test of time. Women like Audrey Hepburn paved the way for true style icons to memorialize themselves in fashion history. With a few simple steps and some easy changes in your fashion regimen, you can memorialize yourself in the same way.

Start with Self-Reflection

The first and most important part of becoming a style icon; figuring out exactly who you are and what you’re about. Think about your goals, whether it be personal, financial, or educational, and try to gear your style to represent those.

Find the person you consider to be your own personal style icon and try to recreate that in your own personal way. Your target style should be able to be described in a few words that you feel are representative of your personality and lifestyle.

Identify what your body type is and find pieces that flatter it. Even the most fabulous outfit will flop if they aren’t doing your body a favor. Most importantly, find confidence in yourself and your style. When you feel confident in an outfit, other people will notice. Being a head-turner is the first step to becoming a style icon.

Know How to Adopt Trends

We often adopt trends simply because it’s seen as popular, but we do this without considering the reasons we are drawn to them or the historical significance the trend might have. It’s okay, and even encouraged to experiment with your clothing, but think back to the idea of self-reflection before you do. If a trend doesn’t feel like you, don’t wear it just because it’s popular. You’ll lose the authentic factor of your personal style.

An outfit is so much more than a group of matching articles of clothing. Fashion is what you make it, and a few key pieces will go a long way in creating your style icon aesthetic. Maybe you’re going for the casual-glam look, the one we go for in our collections. The piece you build your aesthetic upon may the Aliferous Shirt Dress; a layering piece, a fabulous top, and a dress all in one. Your favorite piece will be the foundation of your style.

Don’t Limit Yourself

There’s going to be a certain type of style and clothing that you like best, probably the one that works with your body the most, and this will always be what you prefer to wear. However, true style icons do not limit themselves to just these styles. You need to try anything and everything that seems authentic to you.

The main job of a style icon is to inspire those around you. If you limit yourself to a few styles, you’ll be limiting the number of people you can reach through fashion.

Uniqueness is key and being different will always help you stand out in a crowd. Once you notice others have adapted your favorite trends, you’ll know it’s time to move on and repeat these few steps.

Now that you know how to emulate a style icon, share some of your favorite trends with those around you. And if they catch on, who knows? You may see your name in a blog next to Audrey Hepburn in 50 years.