Picture this.

It’s a chilly morning in 2001, and you’re prepared to make the trip to the office for your first day as a fashion designer in New York City. This is the fashion capital of the world, and you expect to see women decked to the nines in the latest designer clothes and shoes. What you are met with instead is kind of an ironic scene; sneakers paired with chic office attire. This was the reality Mary Beth Larkin was met with 20 years ago.

Soon she learned that these women ditched their sneakers for glamorous heels once they arrived at the office. As a vow to herself, she swore to never marginalize style for the sake of comfort. Her first purchase was a pair of 4-inch heel Prada boots that cost almost a month’s rent and she lived in them day and night, because in fashion, style reigned over comfort without question…. right?

Fast forward 20 years and comfort absolutely reigns over everything. Women reach for yoga pants before anything else and Chanel has sneakers on the runway. It makes you ask yourself, ‘what exactly is style these days?’ and maybe an even more important question, “Is it possible for me to have both?”

Mary Beth Larkin, whether it be her maturity or priorities, or both, has changed her tune since that morning in 2001. She is no longer willing to sacrifice comfort for style, but she also doesn’t want to sacrifice style for comfort. It’s from this idea that athglamour® was born.

A combination of athleisure and glamour, athglamour® is the fusing of glamour and high fashion with the comfort of athleisure fabric and design. By weaving the performance of athletic wear and the tailored cuts of high fashion together, you get garments that you’ll never rush to take off. They are as comfortable as your leggings or favorite hoodie, but still present a confident and sophisticated look.

Gone are the days of dresses that won’t let you sit, pants too painful to put on, or outfits that make you look good but never feel good. (IN)LARKIN is the first to fuse glamour with the comfort of athleisure, and each collection is created in a way that is like creating art. Every piece is designed with high fashion in mind, and then injected with athletic elements, be it the fabrics or the small details.

The outcome? Casual glamour that not only looks good but feels good.

Our goal is for athglamour® to be synonymous with (INLARKIN) in the way that denim is with Levi’s, sneakers with Nike, and yoga wear with lululemon. We don’t want to just sell clothes; we want to start a revolution of women that are comfortable and confident in what they wear. Women who feel good in their second skin, their clothes. 

Mary Beth Larkin still has those Prada boots, and sad to say, it’s a struggle for her to wear them even for a night out. She is no longer willing to sacrifice comfort for style, and with the new market category she created with (IN)LARKIN, she doesn’t have to. Are you ready to ditch the uncomfortable clothes you suffer through wearing just to look good? Join the athglamour® revolution, where we’ve proved that style and comfort CAN coexist.