A lover of high fashion, a creative thinker, and a world traveler. Three phrases to describe a confident woman who aligns with the goals and values of our brand, (IN)LARKIN. She is an urbanista, she is confident, and she is successful, but she’s reached a point in her life where she begins to turn to comfort. By bridging the gap between casual luxe and high fashion, our founder and designer, Mary Beth Larkin, has created a community of sophisticated career women who embody the hashtag, #iaminlarkin.


I Am a Fashionista

You love luxury and high-quality clothing that will last. Women who consider themselves fashionistas flock towards seasonless and timeless pieces that can be work in rotation for any occasion. They also search for original designs that will be noticed and recognized as a high fashion piece. Our collections are designed into the fabrication instead of the other way around making them not only unique, but a new addition to luxurious fashion. We want the fabric to speak to us and tell us what it wants to become. The use of all-weather fabrics allows our pieces to be worn throughout the year as a base piece in your wardrobe. A true fashionista focuses on a few extremely high-quality pieces to build outfits around, and our customers trust that (IN)LARKIN can be those pieces for them.


I Am Creative

You love to explore your creative side. The various aspects of adulthood can take away from time dedicated to adding creative expression to your life. (IN)LARKIN strives to be innovative in our designs and truly create that harmonious relationship between comfort and style. Wearing our pieces can allow you to find creativity in your daily activities. A simple Google search to learn something new, or time to daydream and explore your thoughts can allow you to tap into your creative side without cutting into your adult responsibilities.


I Am a Traveler

You love to experience new sites, cultures, and cuisine. Whether you’re jetting off to the French Riviera or simply taking a weekend trip to Napa Valley, a new place to see is always at the top of your list. You’re the type of traveler who wants to wake up in the morning and grab a cup of coffee without overthinking their outfit. Our collection is perfect for those with the travel bug, using a neutral color palette and fabrications that are easy to wear. No matter where your day takes you, the art museum or an infamous winery, you’ll be more than prepared to take it on. Toss your (IN)LARKIN pieces into your suitcase and know you’ll have effortless outfits each morning without a second thought. And at the end of your vacation? Your worn clothes go straight into the washing machine on delicate, a quality you rarely find with high-quality and high-fashion pieces.


I Am Confident

You exude confidence when you walk into a room. (IN)LARKIN is for the woman who is comfortable in her own clothes and comfortable in her own skin. Our clothes can’t give you confidence, but they can help bring forward what you already have. When you look good, you feel good, and pieces that hug in all the right places are crucial to achieving this. To know a confident woman is to be a confident woman, and what better way to know one than joining a community of them?


You are high-fashion, creatively sound, culturally intuitive, and confident beyond belief. You are always ready for any outing, dressed to the nines in the most comfortable way possible. You take pride in knowing you’re unique, and your ideas are always coined as innovative. You don’t think twice before you book the flight, especially when you’ve never been there before. And lastly, you are always up for a challenge, knowing you can accomplish the goals set forth for yourself.


You are #iaminlarkin.