The sleeveless top is a classic fashion piece, and a must have in your closet. It’s a transitional piece for all climates and seasons that can become a staple you build your wardrobe around. When looking for the perfect shell you should look for a few things; the fabric, the style, and of course, the comfort level. You want a shell made with a light and breathable fabric, a sleeveless or tank style, and a design that is crafted to keep you completely comfortable and able to move. The three shells and tanks in our Aliferous Collection meet these criteria and are the perfect additions to any season’s wardrobe.


Butterfly Shell

The Butterfly Shell is the perfect shell for those who are looking for a basic coupled with a statement piece. It’s made from a rib tissue cotton that is extra breathable but gives a little extra high-fashion look with sateen shoulder insets. This shell can easily be taken from day to night with quick additions to your outfit. To represent the aliferous theme, the back detail is representative of wings because this top was designed for you to soar in. Pair this top with your favorite pair of jeans or our Fly Skirt to show off the silhouette. This top boasts a flattering fitted fit with ease at the side seams and comes in three colorways: black, pink, and white. If you want to break out of your shell and bear a fashionable future, this is the top to do it in.


Glasswing Shell

The Glasswing Shell got its name from the Glasswing Butterfly, one of the strongest and most beautiful butterflies out there, and a favorite of our founder and designer, Mary Beth Larkin. Its transparent wings are unique and fully represented in this tantalizing top by the underlayer. It was inspired by the butterfly’s glass wings and is made from a free-flowing poly chiffon material. The overlay is a breathable jersey poly that cuts down the back like an actual wing. This silhouette has the same movement as a butterfly’s wings would and conveys the grace and harmony of the Glasswing Butterfly. Because of the slightly oversized fit, this top is best paired with our (UN)REAL Jean or one of your favorite tapered pants. In this top, you have four color options with completely different attitudes: black, blue, pink, and cream. If living a life of adventure is your goal, then this top will give you the wings to accomplish it.


Variegated Tank

The Variegated Tank is the not-so-basic basic. With a 10% spandex content, it’s extremely stretchy and molds to whatever your proportions may be. This tank is also so comfortable, it will glide on your body like no other. What really puts this tank over the top is the sateen piping detail. This detail pairs perfectly with our Flight Shirt or Aliferous Shirt Dress since it is the same fabrication. While comfortable, this tank is thin enough to layer under dresses, sweaters, and jackets, but has enough coverage to wear on its own in the warmer weather. This layering tank has three colors to choose from; black for an every-day wear, pink for a pop of color, and nude for when you just need an extra layer. If you’re a self-proclaimed ‘layering queen,’ then this layering tank is going to become your go-to.


There is nothing better than a classic shell to build and outfit around, and ours make the top of the comfort list. With multiple colorways and three different styles to choose from, one of these shells is bound to become your new favorite piece. You can stop by the Locals’ Collective to try each of the three on, or head to our online shop to purchase immediately. Whichever you choose, we know you’re going to feel confident and beautiful, so don’t forget to tag us on Instagram when you decide to post the picture. We hope to see you shopping on State Street soon.