There are two types of shoppers in the fashion industry: those that purchase as many low-cost trendy clothes as possible and those that invest in high-quality garments that will last. With the recent sustainability push, more and more customers are trending towards those long-lasting pieces. However, with high quality comes a cost, and not everyone is willing to pay for it. We value your discretionary income at (IN)LARKIN by delivering designer styles for a quarter of the price. We have a value price point for the exclusively designed seasonless and timeless quality that you receive. The design is in the details, the styles that are fit to move with you, and garments that will last for years. Not only will our gorgeous pieces withstand the test of time, but they will also prove to you that athglamour® is worth the investment.

Exclusively Designed

(IN)LARKIN is unique in that our pieces are designed by in-house Founder and Designer, Mary Beth Larkin. Mary Beth saw a void in the fashion industry — casual glamour was nowhere to be found. Through the years, she watched fashion evolve, as well as her own style. In her early years, she believed glamour reigned over comfort without question. However, fast forward years later, comfort now leads by a landslide. The void is that she could not find clothes that were beautiful, glamorous and comfortable. Comfort and glamour, without sacrificing one for the other, did not exist.  Mary Beth took matters into her own hands and created athglamour®, a fashion movement that fuses form to function to fashion. To this day, each style of (IN)LARKIN starts with a question, What do women want? Mary Beth sketches each design and carefully chooses the fabrications around what she has learned from her customers' wants and needs. Then the creative process begins with fit sessions and revisions to ensure that the final products are up to the (IN)LARKIN standard. At the end of our design process, each piece is from Mary Beth's creative and detail-focused mind and each product is redefining comfort and style with an infusion of everyday casual glamour. 

Sustainable Fabrics

As far as fabrics go, being sustainable as a small business is not always a realistic expectation. However, we do this by only buying in-stock fabric. In other words, we do not develop more fabric, we only use what is already produced. (IN)LARKIN is not adding to the excess waste of the fashion industry. To clarify this further, we do not put orders in for knitted or woven specialty fabrics, instead, Mary Beth tracks down quality designer stock fabrics that will work for her designs. This gets complicated because it takes considerably more effort to find existing fabric colors that match or blend in order to create a cohesive collection.

Conscious Collections

Waste not! Something we think is rather special from a design perspective and conscious sustainability angle, is that we do small batch production. Since we only produce small quantities, we have very little to no excess waste. The takeaway is that you are buying exclusive quality designs that you may not see in that design, color or fabric again. In addition to this, we are not adding to the fashion waste dilemma by producing more than we can sell. 

Timeless and Seasonless

These words are at the forefront of every design.  Will it hold up the test of time and style?  Mary Beth focuses on creating core quality staple styles infused with comfort and glamour. Each collection is carefully crafted with long-lasting wear in mind to ensure that each piece lives in the front of your closet. 

Perfectly Designed

Our design and manufacturing process is unique, and that's what makes (IN)LARKIN stand out amongst other small designer clothing businesses. From the conceptual design, to the push for sustainable fabrics and conscious collections, to our garments' timeless and seasonless wear, you won't find clothing more perfectly designed than (IN)LARKIN.