The weather is trending colder, and it seems as though our wardrobe always follows. We shove our sundresses to the back of our closets, not to be seen or thought about until we see 65° on the thermometer. While we know you can't repurpose your entire summer wardrobe for the winter season, there are select pieces you don't have to discredit just yet. Like the Wingspan Dress from our Aliferous Collection, some of your favorite dark, floor-length dresses can be easily transitioned by simply accessorizing practically. 

Wingspan for the Winter

While the Wingspan dress is already cut to accentuate your best features, you could also add layers to this look. The easiest and most practical way to transition any dress to winter is to add a sweater and/or a coat. The perfect complement to the Wingspan Dress is the Cashmere Cardigan. Then layer the Boy Blazer an ideal option because of its length, and the beaded details add a bit of glam. The tailored look of the blazer paired with the flowy Wingspan Dress elevates a simple black dress in seconds, and the soft drape of the cashmere cardigan adds softness to the structured blazer. 

Scene Stealing Accessories

Winter is not the time for layers upon layers of necklaces. Instead, it's the time for practical neck accessories that keep you warm, like the Cashmere Neck Warmer. Made of earth-friendly cashmere, these luxuriously combined yarns drape around your neck with no effort at all, allowing you to not only keep warm but make a statement while you do it. The Stein Scarf Fur Collar may be more your style for those who like their accessories to be bold. Faux animal fur and silk tips may be just what your dress needs to meet your fashion (and weather) standards.

On The Move

For daytime outings, or just warmer winter nights, you can get away with simply wearing a top over your favorite dress. Tossing the Flight Shirt over your Wingspan Dress is a great way to repurpose your dress in a simple way. By throwing the Flight Shirt over the top with a front knot, you've not only created a two-piece outfit, but you've made the Wingspan Dress acceptable for cooler weather in the winter months. 

As crazy as it seems, repurposing your summer clothes for the colder winter months is simple with (IN)LARKIN. Just add layers, wear scene-stealing but practical accessories, and think about your clothes differently. Our brand's goal is to maximize our styles throughout the year, therefore mixing our past season styles with our new releases striving for seasonless and timeless investment pieces. With the perfect little black dress, any outfit is possible, and that's why I designed the Wingspan Dress in the first place. 

What's your favorite way to repurpose your Wingspan Dress for Winter? Let us know on social!  #iaminlarkin