As the nights get colder and the days get shorter, you are tasked with finding new ways to create outfits. If your long workdays bleed into your evening social obligations, you'll want to create outfits that can be taken from day to night. In the winter, outfits must be layered, as the mornings and nights tend to be cooler but the sunny California days can be warm. As nightlife becomes more accessible while we round the corner of this pandemic, be prepared for your day to night activities with a few simple suggestions.

TIP #1

As a general rule for the Winter season, always dress in layers. Layers immediately elevate an outfit, but they're convenient for the severe weather changes as the day turns into night. You have a few options for layering when you want to look good and feel even better. Wear a dark wash jeans if your workplace allows denim, like our new (UN)REAL Jean 2.0. This indigo hue complements all the winter tones. Dark wash denim looks both classy and dressy and is easy to transition into a nighttime outfit, not to mention dark denim makes you look thinner! If you aren't a denim lover, try out our Fly Skirt, and add your favorite pair of patterned tights underneath, or pantyhose is making a come back in Europe at the moment. Or a pro-tip, wear a pair of nylons under your patterned ones. No one will notice, but it will be an extra layer of warmth and protection against the cold night air.

TIP #2

Start with the perfect layering piece; the Variegated Tank. This fitted basic is great for layering under dresses, sweaters, and jackets and will give you that extra layer for warmth. On top of this tank, layer the Engineered Cowl Sweatshirt, a beautiful neutral piece from our new line. This pullover-style sweatshirt allows you to style it both casual luxe and ultimate glamour—the quintessential athglamour style. Or maybe you are in the mood for a bit of a downtown vibe; the Boy Blazer is not only warm but extraordinarily soft and relaxed in its fit and layers perfectly over the variegated tank and the Cashmere Cardigan paired with the unreal jeans or the cashmere joggers. As the day goes on, you can add or take off each of these layers to adjust to your ideal warmth level, as well as your style level. The best thing about our collection is you can pair each piece with sneakers or heels. This is what we mean by athglamour. So plan accordingly day to night and pack both in your office carryall! Two things every urbanista can't live without are options and versatility.

TIP #3

As far as accessories go, think fashionable and practical. Pick an accessory that will not only compliment your outfit but work to keep you warm. Our Cashmere Next Warmer, a one-size-fits-all accessory, is 100% pure cashmere, ready to drape you in glamour. It's a statement
piece and make the cold weather more bearable with this chic piece.

Dressing from day to night in the Winter season is a little more complex than the Summer season because of the changes in weather throughout the day. However, as long as you layer your outfits and add accessories you should have no problem taking your Winter outfits from day tonight. Need a more personal day to night styling session? Check out our Sunday Styles with MB series on social, and don't forget to follow us for even more style tips and collection updates. Exciting things are happening in the meantime stay comfortable and glamourous.