One of the benefits of participating in local ventures like the Locals' Collective is the opportunity to converse with our customers in person. When you make the trip out to our pop-up, you are guaranteed to receive a personal shopping experience with one of our team members, and maybe even our owner and designer, Mary Beth Larkin herself. Since our Santa Barbara local customers get this face-to-face experience, we wanted to take our eCommerce customers through a styling experience, too, even if it has to be virtual.


Planning an Outfit

The first step to any shopping experience is to figure out what you are shopping for, and if it isn't something specific, what kind of clothes do you wear the most often. Maybe you're looking for a specific event, or you have an important interview coming up. Even if you're stopping in just to check out athglamour®, you want to make sure whatever you end up buying will fit with your current wardrobe and build upon your existing (IN)LARKIN pieces.


Choosing Your Colors

While the colors we offer are versatile, you still want to match what you purchase with what is currently in your closet. For example, if you lean towards an all-black wardrobe, you may want to experiment with a piece in pink or blue. Whereas if you already have a colorful wardrobe, you may want to stick with black, cream, or even one of our denim pieces.


The Top

First thing's first, what style of top do you usually go for? Do you prefer to layer your outfits, or are you looking for a stand-alone top?


For our layering customers, we always start with one of our shells. Those looking for something more casual tend to go for the Variegated Tank, with its doable and fitted style. This tank is great for that extra layer, either for warmth or just a basic piece. Are you looking for something a little more stylized? We suggest the Butterfly Shell as a layering piece instead. This shell is a little sexier, with a scoop neck and sateen details.


For those looking for a stand-alone top, you'll have to decide on sleeveless vs long sleeves, the length you desire, and your favorite fabrication. As far as sleeveless tops go, our main option is the Glasswing Shell. While it can be used for layering, the free-flowing nature of this top makes it perfect to pair with any and all tapered bottoms. We also offer a tunic style, the Winged Tunic, with an asymmetrical flutter sleeve and tons of ways to wear it. Our two long sleeve tops have a similar construction; buttons down the front, a sateen base with sheer sleeves, and a structured collar. The Flight Shirt is the shorter style, with a tulip back and looks athglamourous both buttoned and unbuttoned. The Aliferous Shirt Dress is the longer style and can double as a cinched waist dress.


The Bottom

Tops may be our specialty, but don't underestimate the power of a perfectly fitting bottom. Do you ever feel like there's not a single pair of jeans out there that will make it through your dinner buttoned? We felt the same way until we combined insane holding power with exceptional comfort - meet the (UN)REAL Jean. While they only come in the color Maliblu right now, they've been so popular that we are working on other classic colors to add to your closet. The other option for bottoms is our Fly Skirt, a skirt that has a fully functional front placket and any woman's favorite pockets. This skirt is great for anyone, whether you primarily dress up or dress down. Add patterned tights for the colder months, or wear this skirt as is with your favorite tank or top.


The Accessories

Depending on what you've decided on for your tops and bottoms, you may want to add an accessory or two. Since these are extras, you'll want to make sure they make sense in your wardrobe. The most simple and necessary accessory is a basic belt, and our Infinity Leather Belt checks all the boxes. This belt comes in both black and brown and the infinty buckle allows you to fully adjust as needed. We also have a small selection of bags available, a Sling Bag and our Pleated Pouch Purse. The Sling Bag comes in a denim fabric with our favorite sateen lining and will hold all of your essentials and more - perfect for your European Travels. The Pleated Purse is only available in pink, blue and black. Both will make a statement with a corded drawstring and metallic sheen, perfect for the holidays.


Even if you can't come into the Locals' Collective for a true styling experience, we hope this virtual experience gives you a better idea of what (IN)LARKIN pieces are best for you. If you want additional suggestions or have specific questions about our products, reach out to us on socials or visit our website. If you ever find yourself in Santa Barbara, stop in at the Locals' Collective and visit us!