We all have hopes, goals and dreams for ourselves. One exercise that can help us bring these goals into fruition is setting intentions. Your intention may be something as simple as wanting to face challenges with a more positive attitude, or as grand as getting that new desired promotion at work. Setting an intention begins with writing it down.  Write out your intention on paper so that it becomes something that is tangible and can be held in your hands. Next, select an object to help you focus on your intention. This can be a small tumbled stone, a crystal, or the written intention itself. Lighting a candle and focusing your attention on the flame may also help strengthen the setting of your intention. Read your intention aloud while focusing on your selected object. Repeat your intention as many times as desired, and as often as desired. Saying aloud your hopes, dreams, and desires helps you focus on reaching them. We so often focus on what stands in the way of our goals rather than the actual goal itself. Use your personal power and tap into your inner goddess by reminding yourself that you have the power to achieve anything that your heart desires. Set your intentions and remember to live (in)power, (in)passion, and (in)comfort as you reach your goals and speak the life you so desire into existence.