One thing that a job, kids, or any other aspect of adulthood may take away from us is dedicated time that is set aside for us to explore our creative sides. There is no more art class or study hall that is automatically assigned to us.

Being creative allows you to tackle complex problems, help you see situations in a different light, and provide a means for you to manage stress.

If creativity is something you are looking to add a bit more of in your daily life, there are a few ways to help you tap into your creative side:

Feed Your Curiosity

Does a random question ever pop into your head and suddenly you find yourself falling down a Google rabbit hole?

Questioning things is a great way to tap into the parts of your mind that may not be used in your everyday routine. Questioning your own habits and opinions can lead to self-exploration, personal growth, and a newly gained perspective.

Asking questions and seeking answers about the world around you can reveal a new way of thinking and appreciation for all that the world has to offer.

Keep Learning

Even if you are done with school, it is never too late to learn new things.

(IN)LARKIN is always innovating and creating new pieces that incorporate the latest in design that is conducive to a harmonious relationship between comfort and style.

A huge part of that innovation is learning about what tools, fabrics, and design methods are out there. Just as (IN)LARKIN is always learning, you can do the same.

Try reading about a new subject, listening to TED Talks, or taking an online class to develop a new skill. Learning new information and skills can help keep your mind sharp and develop exciting new interests.


Giving yourself time to daydream is a fun way to explore your thoughts and welcome the flow of new ideas. Daydreaming can also give you time to unwind, settle your mind, and reflect.

A fun mental exercise you can do while daydreaming is to try and come up with a story. The story can be based on your own experiences or be completely new. Allowing your mind to divert from the cyclical thought patterns needed to get through the day can help you be more open-minded and unlock untapped creativity.

Even as adult women, it is still important to explore the creativity that exists within our own minds. When life no longer presents us with opportunities to be creative, we have to create them ourselves.

(IN)LARKIN’s fabulous new collection allows women to tap into their creative side with ease, comfort, and style. Try out these tips and check out our latest collection to help bring your own creativity to the surface.