One of both the best and worst things about the world opening back up is the sudden need to get dressed in the morning. Once that perfect outfit is found you feel so fabulous, but the aftermath of your closet scattered across your bedroom can be so overwhelming. Luckily, we’ve made it easy for you with pieces that are timeless and easy to wear.

The Aliferous Shirt Dress is one of our favorite pieces in the collection because of its versatility. You can wear this shirt dress for any and all occasions just by changing the way you wear it. We are all about making sure our customers feel and look their best, so we are sharing all the ways and occasions that are perfect for wearing the Aliferous Shirt Dress.

1. For a Business Meeting

Wear the Aliferous Shirt Dress for a business meeting by using the included belt or our Infinity Leather Belt to cinch the waist. This style will highlight your figure and immediately elevate your look. Black would be the best color for this occasion because of the chicness and classiness of the color, but you could also go for bold in blue.

2. For Brunch

Our (UN)REAL Jeans, or your favorite skinny jeans, are the perfect bottom piece for the Aliferous Shirt Dress.

Since the shirt dress is slightly oversized, you’ll want a more fitted piece to pair it with. You can either button it up and wear it as is to create a jeans and tunic look or open with your favorite shell.

This outfit is perfect for a Sunday brunch with your girlfriends, and the color options are perfect for all four seasons.

3. For Running Errands

One of our favorite ways to utilize the Aliferous Shirt Dress is as a layering piece. Leave this gorgeous sheen fabric open and add any of our shells to instantly create an outfit that is comfortable and put together enough to run your daily errands. A trip to the grocery store can be made instantly better when you feel confident in your outfit.

4. For a Night Out

We all need a night out every now and then, and even now more than ever. Our Winged Tunic has a sexy body-conscious fit that is perfect for when you want to show a little skin. Keep the nighttime chill out by layering with the Aliferous Shirt Dress. You can either leave it as is and let the tunic do the work or add a belt to highlight your waist. This particular combination is available in our “Coffee to Cocktails” Style Stack, an easy way to buy pieces that we recommend styling together.

5. For a Wedding or Cocktail Event

One of the best and easiest ways to wear the Aliferous Shirt Dress is simply as it comes. Let the fabric drape the way it’s supposed to and allow the sheer back detail to fly as your move through your event. It’s perfect for a cocktail party and wedding because of the freeness of the shirt dress. The oversized fit allows for extra room and a fabulous drape around the body.

We’ve given you our favorite ways to wear the Aliferous Shirt Dress, but the possibilities are endless with this versatile piece. It’s a dress, a tunic, and the perfect layering piece all wrapped into a beautiful faux silk garment. What are some of your favorite ways to wear it?