Fashion can be overwhelming. Keeping up with the latest trends, finding clothes that fit your body, and finding clothes that you actually like can be a lot. Fashion is a means of self-expression that should make you feel confident and comfortable in your own skin. Follow these simple steps to get in touch with your inner fashionista, boost your confidence, and help ease your anxiety about navigating the world of fashion.

Know Your Size

Sizing is key to finding outfits that will fit and move well with your body. You can go to a tailor to get measured or you can get a tape measure and take your measurements at home. Our style blog has an excellent piece titled “How to Measure Yourself for Online Holiday Shopping” that has detailed instructions on taking your body measurements at home. Use these measurements as a reference when looking at sizing charts for different brands of clothing.

Make Room

Nothing is quite as fun as a Sex and the City style closet cleaning montage with your girlfriends. Go through your closet, optimally with the help of some close friends, and figure out which of your clothing items make you feel most confident, fierce, and sexy and throw out or donate the clothes that don’t fit as well anymore or just don’t align with your new style. This will help you make room for new pieces while parting with pieces of clothing that no longer serve your style’s aesthetic.

Retail Therapy

After getting your measurements and making room in your closet, it’s time to treat yourself to some clothes that align with your personal style and your body’s unique shape. Our latest collection features pieces that are timeless, chic, and flattering to any shape. (IN)LARKIN’s (UN)REAL Jean is made of flexible, breathable material that will enhance your shape. Check out our style blog titled “How to Style the (UN)REAL Jeans” for outfit inspiration.

Fashion Inspiration

After you have finished your retail therapy, further unwind with a bit of fashion inspiration. This will be especially helpful if you are not quite finished with all the changes you want to make to your wardrobe. Flipping through fashion magazines such as W, Vogue, Cosmo, and Elle are easy ways to get new style ideas. You can also get inspiration from your friends and family members who have a personal style that you admire. If you are a bit of a movie buff, check out our style blog article “6 All-Time Best Fashion Inspiration Movies” for a list of films that are great guides for outfit and style inspiration.

Choosing fashionable clothing does not have to be overwhelming. Transforming, or even just tweaking, your style is an artistic and expressive process. It can take time but trust me, it will be worth it. Your journey with your body, your confidence, and your style is one that is unique. With these easy steps, you should find yourself well on your way to discovering your inner fashionista and your inner confidence.