Let’s get real for a moment...life during a world pandemic has left all of us in need of (and VERY deserving of) a little self-care. You may not have the time to dedicate an entire day to yourself, but you can incorporate a smidge of self-care throughout your week. Here is a guide to 7 days of self-care that will help you get through even your busiest of weeks.

Day 1: A Hot Bath

Soaking in a hot bath can prove to be quite relaxing. It can help ease stress and loosen tired or aching muscles. Just before bed, try drawing yourself a hot bath to help your stress melt away. For an extra element of relaxation, add some Epsom salt or essential oils. I’m currently in love with a mint and eucalyptus scented Epsom salt that pairs nicely with the lavender essential oils I like to add to my bath.

Day 2: Go to Bed Early

This may not seem like much of a self-care tip, but it is. So often we neglect our bodies’ need for proper rest. Lack of sleep can lead to all sorts of health problems, not to mention brain fog and fatigue that makes it even harder to get tasks done throughout the day. Go to bed early enough to get seven to eight hours of sleep and notice how much more rested and refreshed you feel the next morning.

Day 3: Cook a Nice Meal for Yourself

Food is such an important element of health and bodily well-being. Luckily, food can also be really fun to make. On Day 3 cook a nice meal for yourself that makes you feel happy. Even if this meal isn’t particularly “healthy,” remember the fact that eating food that’s good for your body is just as important as eating food that’s good for your soul. If you aren’t into cooking, or just want to take a break from the kitchen, order out from your favorite restaurant, fix a nice place setting, and enjoy. 

Day 4: Emotional Check-In

It’s important to pay attention to shifts in our emotional states. That’s why you should schedule emotional check-ins with yourself to stay in-touch with how you’re feeling. Set aside some time to journal, talk to someone you love, or just to think through what you’ve been feeling. Giving yourself the space and time to explore your emotions will help you cope better with negative emotions and help you cherish when you experience positive emotions.

Day 5: Physical Check-In

How is your body feeling? Checking in with your body is critical to keeping you in good condition for carrying out your daily tasks. Take a moment to really listen to the subtle cues that your body is giving you. Feeling a little run-down? Maybe take it easy today and rest. Are your muscles feeling tight? Find a yoga video on YouTube to follow along with so you can loosen up. Take a moment today to tune into what your body is in need of and fulfill those needs to the best of your ability.

Day 6: Pamper Yourself

Treat yourself to a little at-home pampering. Paint your nails, do a face mask, or sit in a luxurious bubble bath while sipping a glass of your favorite wine. Today is a day to truly spoil yourself. If you’re feeling a little crafty, try out a new DIY face mask or facial scrub that you’ve been dying to try.

Day 7: Movie Night

I know there’s a show or movie on Netflix that’s been on your list forever because you haven’t gotten around to watching it. Take the night off for a movie night. Pop some popcorn, throw on your favorite set of jammies, and settle in for the night. After a long week of working, you deserve some self-care that doubles as entertainment.

The world is going through a lot right now and you might be as well. When you have the chance, make sure that you are taking care of yourself. There never seems to be enough hours in the day to get everything done, but remember that you’re human and you’re doing your best. As you go about your week, remember to move (in)kindness and (in)care for the beautiful, capable, and loving human that you are.