Given the year that the world has had, it’s understandable if you are experiencing some negative emotions.

As chaotic as the world has recently been, it is important that you give yourself the space to feel these emotions that you are having. It is also important that you release these emotions in a healthful way.

As we move into a holiday season that looks and feels different than it has before, try some of these tips to help you emotionally declutter your mind, spirit, and physical space:

1. Journaling

Writing down what you are feeling is a great way to release emotions that you have been holding onto.

The act of writing also helps you think through these emotions to help you better understand why you are experiencing them.

Find yourself a cute notebook and pen that you really like to help you get out those heavy feelings and racing thoughts. The key to reaping the benefits of journaling is consistency.

Find a time slot that works for you and a location that is conducive to you feeling safe and comfortable enough to explore your thoughts and thoroughly think through what you’ve been feeling.

2. Meditation

One of my favorite ways to meditate is while listening to the sound of a bath. The soothing auditory stimulation helps me clear my mind instead of getting lost in my own brain clutter.

If you find it difficult to clear your mind the first few times you meditate, don’t worry. It will get easier with time.

Find a quiet spot where you are able to comfortably sit or lay down, settle in silence or to a sound that you can relax to, and let the calmness wash over you and rinse away all of the thoughts and emotions you wish to let go of.

3. Clean Up Your Space

The best thing about cleaning is that it provides you with instant gratification. After cleaning, you immediately get the result of a freshly clean space. A clean space can help you achieve a clear mind.

The physical clutter that’s cramping up your space may be the result of your mental clutter. Being in a panicked, gloomy, or stressed headspace can cause you to neglect the state of your physical surroundings and result in a messy space.

By cleaning up your physical space, you can give yourself the mental space to sort through your thoughts and emotions.

Emotional decluttering takes time and patience. Be gentle with yourself, especially during these unprecedented times. During this holiday season enjoy some much-needed rest and remember to navigate your self-care (IN)LOVE, (IN)KINDNESS, and (IN)COMFORT.